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Solid Wood Flooring

It’s hard to beat solid wood flooring. Visually stunning, natural and unique, sometimes only traditional hardwood flooring will do.

There’s a sense of permanence that beautiful solid wood flooring brings to a home. It also increases a property’s market value and delivers hypoallergenic benefits too.

At Surefit Carpet in Doncaster we can deliver beautiful samples of solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring direct to your home. This enables you to see the product in your own natural lighting and against your existing furniture.

We supply solid wood flooring from the following suppliers:

  • Heartwood Solid Wood Flooring
  • Kersaint Cobb
  • V4 Wood Flooring
  • XYLO Flooring

Our range of solid wood flooring can be tailored to your chosen plank width, length and thickness. You can also choose from a huge amount of finishes, from lacquered to hand scraped. It’s always worth taking the time to choose your perfect style.

For more information Get a quote online now or call Surefit Carpets in Doncaster on 01302 341742.

Important things to know about Wood flooring installation

If you’re installing floating solid wood flooring without professional help, always remember to attach the planks to the sub-floor with glue, nails or screws. Don’t glue planks in the tongue and groove connection.

If nailing or screwing the planks, be sure to drill the planks out to avoid the tongue from splitting.

Installing Wood Flooring directly on joists or supports

20mm solid wood flooring can be installed directly on joists or supports, but they must have a fixed distance of 60mm.

Loose supports must have a minimum dimension of 36mm x 68mm and fixed supports 36mm x 48mm.

Use 25 / 65 galvanised nails or galvanised screws.

Remember to leave a clearance to all walls and fixed projections of a minimum of 3mm per metre room width.

Installed on a wooden sub-floor

To start with, lay builder’s paper before nailing or screwing to the sub-floor. Install the plank with clearance to all walls and fixed projections with a minimum 3mm per metre room width. Use the nail and screw dimensions stated above.

Surefit wood flooring DoncasterInstallation on a concrete floor

With a concrete sub-floor the wood flooring must be glued to the concrete. The sub-floor must be level, dry and void of cement lumps etc.

As a main rule, the relative humidity (RH) of the concrete must be less than 75%. Never use ordinary adhesive.

Follow the manufacturers instructions and remember to allow clearance to all walls and fixed projections of a minimum 3mm per room width.

Installing a floating Wood floor

A floating floor is possible using a specialist underlay. Please contact us to discuss this option on 01302 341742.

Solid wood flooring and underfloor heating

We advise not to install solid wood plank on under-floor heating systems. Contact us if you’d like to discuss this further.

Get a quote online now or call Surefit Carpets in Doncaster on 01302 341742 for great prices on Solid wood flooring

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