1. The Price

Don’t be fooled by endless 75% off sales, no business can sell anything for 75% off year after year.
How do they do it then?
You have seen the adverts…

Huge 75% off Sale “New Twist” WAS £20.00/Mtr – NOW ONLY £5.00/Mtr

The truth is the carpet is only worth £5.00 per metre.
How do they get away with it?
There are so many different ranges and qualities of carpets that they can take a range and rebrand it.
If they call the new range “New Twist” then you won’t find it anywhere online to compare or check prices.
It is always best to check the name of the carpet brand and range online to see if you are dealing with a carpet company who has rebranded their range in order to rip off customers.

2. Your Measurements

Please take the time to measure your rooms before going carpet shopping… this way you can get a more accurate price before you commit to anything.
If you say your rooms are “About 5 x 4 metres” then you can only get a really rough price. For a hall stairs and landing, just draw out the hall and landing shapes and put measurements on each side of the drawing.

3. Underlying Expenses

Remember one thing… You don’t have to buy the carpet underlay from the same shop as the carpet.
Decide which underlay you like then ask for the name and shop around.
The carpet underlay is the place where the profit lies for most shops. Don’t ever pay more than £7.99 per metre for even the thickest rubber or foam underlay.

4. Get a Grip

Quite often the carpet gripper is a rip off!
Make sure you aren’t being charged through the roof for any of the additional products required when it comes to having your carpets installed.
Carpet gripper comes in two varieties, for wooden floor and for concrete floors. Make sure your fitter is using the right type of gripper for your subfloor. Don’t pay any more than £1 for a single stick of carpet gripper!

5. Finishing Touches

Door plates are often used in doorways in order to break up the flooring of various rooms around your home. Remember to choose a finish that will match or complement your existing interior.
Standard metal door plates should be around £5.00 per door with specialist plates at around £8.00 per door. Some shops charge up to £15.00 per door!

6. Insist on a Professional Estimate

Remember it’s the estimators job to check your measurements and produce a cutting plan for the carpet fitters.
They can advise on which carpet will be most suitable for your needs, check the floors for any potential issues and offer advice on moving furniture and preparing the room prior to the carpet installation. This always saves problems on the day of fitting!
Estimator House Call, Free Choose at Home Service

7. Take a Carpet Sample Home

Carpet samples will always look a slightly different colour at home under your lighting as most carpet shops have fluorescent strip lights. Your wall colours can also make the carpet look a shade lighter or darker.
Also while you have your sizes and a sample its quite easy to call into another shop for a quick price check!

8. Paying the Carpet Fitter Separately is ok as long as the shop guarantees the workmanship

Please ask “Who is responsible if the fitter does a bad job?”
Paying separately usually means that your contract for the fitting is with the fitter and not the shop you purchased the carpets from, if you have a problem the shop could ask you to take it up with the fitter.
Please check the small print regarding fitting on the back of any invoice you are provided.

At Surefit Carpets we guarantee all work completed by our fitting partners

9. Costly Additional Services

Some additional services may not be included in the price when you purchase a carpet and fitting from certain suppliers. Ask yourself “Do I need any of the following services?”

  • Uplift of existing carpets and flooring
  • Removal and replacement of furniture
  • Repair the sub-floor prior to fitting
  • Trim any Doors if required
  • Remove old floor coverings, cut offs and carpet tubs and dispose at tip

Most carpet shops will charge extra for these services, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money before going forward with any carpet fitting work!

10. Make Sure You Get a “Like for Like” Quote

When comparing quotes from different carpet retailers, always make sure you have a proper like-for-like quote… It’s all good going to Shop B and saying your quote from Shop A was cheaper when the quality of the carpet is lower, and may not include extras such as underlay, carpet gripper or door plates.
Ensure the area you are being quoted for is the same from quote to quote, and also ensure the quality of the carpet pile is the same, some shops may charge extra for the carpets but you may be able to get good savings on the cost of fitting and other extra work needed.
It’s always best to make sure you get quotes from a variety of retailers, make sure the quotes are for the exact same products and services and then you can make a proper comparison.