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Surefit Carpets Target Prices

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Carpet Underlays

Cloud 9 Type Thickness Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Cirrus PU 9mm £4.00 £60.00
Cumulus PU 11mm £4.50 £67.50
Tredaire Type Thickness Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Brio PU 8mm £2.50 £37.50
Zest PU 10mm £2.75 £41.25
SoftWalk PU 9mm £3.50 £52.50
DreamWalk PU 11mm £4.25 £63.75
Budget U/Lay Type Thickness Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Thermolay 7mm £1.99 £29.85
Carpenters Type Thickness Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Rich Step PU 9mm £3.50 £52.50
Deep Step PU 11mm £4.25 £63.75

Other Items

Carpet Grippers Per Foot Per 5' Length Per 500 foot Box
Wood / Conc £0.10 £0.50 £40.00
Door Trims Colour 3' Length 8' Length
Single Plates Alloy or Brass £2.99 £8.99
Double Plates Alloy or Brass £2.99 £8.99
Cover Plates Alloy or Brass £2.99 £8.99
Luxury Rubber Waffle Type weight Mtr Price 11Mtr Roll
Hallmark Supreme Rubber 129lb £4.99 £55.00
Tredaire Elite Rubber 129lb £4.99 £55.00
Crumb Underlay Type Weight Mtr Price 11Mtr Roll
Super Duralay / System 10 Crumb £7.27 £80.00
Underfloor Heating Underlay Type Weight Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Underfloor Heating Underlay Low Tog .75 Tog Rated £5.25 £78.75
Rubber Waffle Type Weight Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Step 100 Rubber 100lb £4.50 £67.50
Felt Underlay Type Weight Mtr Price 15Mtr Roll
Felt 33oz Felt 33oz £4.00 £60.00
Felt 42oz Felt 42oz £4.50 £67.50

Spray Adhesive £2.99 per 500ml can

Double sided tape £12.00 per 50 Mtr roll

Carpet Fitting Prices Per Mtr Min. Call Out Charge
Carpet Fitting £2.20 £30.00
Vinyl Flooring Fitting £2.20 £30.00
Carpet Tiles Fitting £2.40 £30.00

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