We recommend you take care of your new flooring with a few easy steps.
Firstly, sweep your floor regularly with a soft brush. Be sure to remove as much grit as possible to prevent scratches. And take care not to scratch the floor if you choose to use a vacuum cleaner.
To give it a thorough clean, wipe the floor with a clean cloth or mop, rinsed frequently in clean water. Then clean the floor with a solution of hot water and mild detergent or domestic floor cleaning solution. Finally rinse again thoroughly and soak up any excess water.
If you notice a spot mark or spillage, always make an effort to  wipe them up straight away.
Always enquire if the flooring manufacturer supplies a specific cleaning kit for your new flooring. They usually include handy products such as a mop, basic stripper, a floor protector and a routine cleaner.
Give cushioned floors a welcome shine and polish to protect them from stains. However, if you have already used an additional protective coating, such as Rhino Grip or Armstrong Rhinoguard, this won’t be necessary.
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