Quick Step Exquisa at Surefit Carpets Doncaster
The Quickstep Exquisa Collection features an innovative plank floor, a unique concept with the large plank (120x40cm) serving as the basis for 4 possible views. You will discover 1, 2 or 3 seperate tiles per plank thanks to the subtle cross joints. The multi-pattern version goes even further with extra deep joints that create an attractive interplay of lines, showing off your floor to full advantage.
Surefit Carpets stock the entire Exquisa range, here are some samples of the Quick-Step flooring we supply and fit:

Quickstep, Exquisa, Ceramic White, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Tivoli Travertine, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Ceramic Light, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Crafted Textile, Doncaster
EXQ1553 Ceramic White EXQ1556 Tivoli Travertine EXQ1554 Ceramic Light EXQ1557 Crafted Textile
Quickstep, Exquisa, Ceramic Dark, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Slate Dark, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Slate Black, Doncaster Quickstep, Exquisa, Slate Black Galaxy, Doncaster
EXQ1555 Ceramic Dark EXQ1552 Slate Dark EXQ1550 Slate Black EXQ1551 Slate Black Galaxy