Quick Step Lagune at Surefit Carpets Doncaster
With the Lagune Collection QuickStep has produced a range of ship-deck floors particularly suitable for bathrooms. These designs can also be used in other rooms around the house.
Surefit Carpets stock the entire Lagune range, here are some samples of the Quick-Step flooring we supply and fit:

Quickstep, Lagune, Natural Varnished Oak, Doncaster Quickstep, Lagune, Grey Teak, Doncaster Quickstep, Lagune, Vintage Oak Dark Varnish, Doncaster Quickstep, Lagune, Merbau, Doncaster
UR946 Natural Varnished Oak UR1205 Grey Teak UR1035 Vintage Oak Dark Varnish UR1032 Merbau
Quickstep, Lagune, Black Varnished Pallisander, Doncaster
UR1225 Black Varnished Pallisander